October Goals: Read. Craft. Blog. Pray.


As October kicks off (I know… I’m 6 days late..), I was deeply inspired by the wonderful LaraCasey‘s post, #ClearOctober a few days ago. It really hit home for me since i have been driving myself crazy with feeling overwhelmed, over-worked and on the verge of mental shut-down. I have been trying to do EVERYTHING and without strong reasons as to why I want to do them all and if they coincide with my personal, professional and spiritual goals for the next 6 months. How could I possibly of thought that this would work for me?!?!?

Anyway, I had a great few days of October after that post to really dig deep and talk with God as to what I want him to do through me into my personal life as well as my business and relationship with him. It was a great eye-opener and must I say RELIEF as well! October is to be a brand new month where we can really focus on what really matters. What we want to transpire in our lives and what we want to not focus on as well. I finally came to realize that I have been spending way too much time focusing on things that do not add to my future or personal goals and I believe that now is the best time to really “get things right”  for my business and personal life and really end off October with a sense of contentment and joy in my heart. Not confusion or stress.

So here are the 4 aspects of my goals broken down, SIMPLIFIED:

READ: I have a few books that was reccomended in an article I featured in my previous post, which are aimed at new entrepreneurs who want to grow their business through selling hand-made crafts, blogging and more. The top 2 on my must read now list are “Craft Inc” & “Mom Inc” by Meg Matteo Ilasco and “The Fire Starter” by Danielle Laporte. I cannot wait to dig into them and feed my business with great insight from fellow entrepreneurs. I plan to read everynight or at least every night my son and husband will let me…

CRAFT: As a part for my goals for my business, I am launching a custom hand-made line of party decor which I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO thrilled about. It will include custom backdrops and banners for sweet tables, coordinating theme cupcake toppers and cake toppers, favor bags with custom labels and matching bag sealers and more! I am currently crafting some as I type (along-side my son’s 2nd birthday decor – there will be a post-party blog post which will feature all party details made by moi!) and will be launching within the month. Stay tunned for more updates and when available in our Boutique.

BLOG: This has been one of the goals I have had for the longest time. It’s not that I have not yet blogged before (clearly I am doing so right now) but as you may see, I am no expert. This goal really has to do with perfecting my writing and really learning skills on how to make clear, engaging and well-written posts as well as amazing photography to go along with it.

I have signed up for a blogger’s online course as well as will be adding the book “Blog Inc.” by Joy Deangdeelert Cho to new hot reads list! I want to add to my online store with a blog that not only relates back to event-styling but also to normal mothers trying to pursue their dreams of owning their own business too! This blog will give me that platform to connect with them and share experiences as well as showing them that everyone is able to do what they love, as long as they just start SOMEWHERE. This goal is a very exciting one for October and beyond!

Pray: For this goal of October, I want to deepen my relationship with Jesus. I want to actually COMMIT to making time in the morning before life gets so busy, to pray, read my daily devotional by Joyce Meyer (“Trusting God Day by Day“), and talk to God about my day’s tasks and what I need from him to complete them with Grace and love. I always pray, but starting this month I want to get deeper with them and really devote my mornings to him so that the rest of my day can be clear on what matters most. This is a very special goal and is very deep in my heart to pursue.


So here you have it, my personal, professional and spiritual goals of October. Do any of them sound simliar to yours? If so, I would love to here yours and why…




Taking a Blogging Course: Helpful Resources for Start-ups!

Hey Lovelies!


Last night I was doing my “nightly usuals”, which includes etsy browsing, blog reading and editing my website, I came across this amazing article I found over here on Babble.com. It talked about what different shop owners on Etsy reccommends on resources that changed their business forever! (sounds a bit dramatic at first but when you read the article, you realize the information recieved is PRICELESS!)



                                                (PhotoCred: Babble.com)


One person I came across was a well known Etsy shop owner, Erin from knot and bow, which her advice was to “use your resources”. She advised that for her, a blog named Design*Sponge Biz Ladies, helped to find all types of helpful information for start-up business owners. From Tax time prep help to working from Home, it was an insightful resource for her.

Another Etsy shop owner by the name of Erika, from Mikodesign referred readers to an online blogging course, Blogging Your Way by Heather from Decor8blog. She reccomended that for new business owners to take their businesses to the next level, especially bloggers and creatives that want to incorporate blogs into their business (ME), its a great course to take! And the best thing is that its at your own pace, so busy momma’s like myself can work on the course after our little ones are sleeping.

This entire article is filled to the brim with amazing book references, blog sites and other useful resources to use and encourage other entrepreneur mommies out there that it IS possible to run a success bussiness.. your way!

I have already signed up for the newsletter on the site to get notified when the next course starts! I wanted to share this amazing information I came across so that I can hopefully help someone as much as this article helped and inspired me!


Happy Blogging!


Friday Faves – Series 2: Vintage Tea Bridal Shower

Happy Friday!!


Today’s “Friday Faves” series is on an “oh-so-chic” vintage bridal shower candy-buffet set-up I came across from one of my instagram friends, Sweet Heart and Soul! I have been following Sweet Heart and Soul for a while now, and she seems to always have fabulous party themes and amazing “home-made” treats she uses as part of her props! Not only is she a YUMMY baker/treat-maker, she also has a way of adding “vintage finds” to her event-styling that she or her hubby happen to find around the town!

I am definitley a firm beliver in using items around the house (or thrift stores!) to make a party “come to life”, with details of real things! It not ony saves you money on buying “new” props but also adds a level of depth and personalization to your party and tells a little story about your unique style and taste! Nothing is better than giving your guests a taste of your own style in your events that your throw!

She definitly put her “heart and soul” into this party set-up, which is why I HAD to ask her to be featured today!












(Photo cred: Sweet Hearts and Soul)


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“Friday Faves” Series 1: Lady Bug Cuteness


This new weekly series on the blog will showcase some of our favourite parties/candy buffet table set-ups of the week! Not only will they add inspiration to all of you party-planner mommies but also it will highlight some of the very talented eventstylists that I have come to admire!

Today’s feature is found from Glorious Treats. I have to say, I’m usually not the biggest fan of “bug-themed” parties, especially with an over kill of the bug itself and the “matchy-match” feel it has to it, but this one was definitly done with taste! I enjoyed the red tulips on the table that made it a little less kiddie and more chic. Also those favor boxes that she put together, which included finds from Target, was another great element to this party. I love when you can use simple items from local superstores to make into the perfect party accessories and decor!

Lastly, the fact that healthy foods such as fresh veggies & fruit, turkey croissant  sandwiches and pb/j sandwiches were served, makes this party extra lovely to mommies like me who love serving healthy snacks at events for kids!


Happy Friday!













Once a Miss, now a Mrs… My wedding post!

I am officially MARRIED!!!!

This had to of been the most long-awaited few months leading up to our big day! We just got back from our wedding-moon (wedding and honeymoon together in one trip) on wednesday, and I have been so excited to finally get settled and write this post.

Our wedding was on Friday July 5th, 2013, on a beautiful sandy beach shore in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We had over 80 guest from all over (USA, Canada, Cayman Island and Jamaica), who joined us in our celebration. The seaside setting was absolutely stunning of course, complemented with our chosen wedding colours of Yellow and Turquoise.

Our groomsmen wore Grey suits with turquoise vests underneath and a yellow flower to complete the look; while the bridesmaids wore a yellow one-sided dress with turquoise strappy sandals and a bouquet to match (made by me).

I loved our wedding colours, which I think was an amazing choice for destination weddings in the Caribbean.

The ceremony was lovely and sweet, not overly long either. It lasted about 30 minuets and ended with a special toast with fruity drinks to us and our guests then few hours of pictures.

Now to the party!!!! (Literally after the ceremony finished and the pictures were taken, all I wanted to do was relax, let loose and dance the rest of the night away!)

This was honestly one of my favourite parts to the day, besides kissing my new hubby when we were pronounced “husband and wife” at the ceremony. I loved our food (grilled veggies and shrimp with pan simmered steak and salad), the speeches (all of which were no longer than 7 minuets long, just as I prayed for), the reception games, and lastly, the MUSIC! I always use to tell people that the best weddings have to have these 3 things: good food, great MC, and amazing music! I was so thankful that we had all three! God is good to us!!

Our centerpieces and cake-topper looked amazing as well, which were all made by myself. Im the end, all the stress and shopping was worth it for how it all turned out.

Hubby and I, along with our guests danced the night away to all my families favourites, including lovers rock reggae, soca and RnB. It was magical to see everyone enjoying themselves!

We ended the night with a surprise for our guests, which involved them getting outside to the beach to light sparklers and do a group shot! (Originally I wanted everyone to form a heart around us, but since that didn’t quite work, we did two lines with us in the middle instead, which was equally fabulous.)

This will truly be a day me and Chris will never forget, and for what its worth, its was perfectly imperfect, just the way I imagined!

Some of our favourite candid pictures below. ❤






The dress to silence it all..

Today, as I did my fitting of my wedding dress, it all started to become clear to me…

After weeks, upon weeks of stress, migraines, tears and work… I finally see “the light at the end of this dark tunnel“.

Having my dress on, looking oh-so-gorgous, has made me realize that all this hard work, stress and tears has been for THIS… this beautiful feeling of excitement, love and pure happiness that I will feel when I walk down the isle with this dress, to the man who stole my heart.

I cannot believe how much worry and anxiety I have been feeling over this wedding. All I want is for it to turn out perfect….. But after today, all I want is to just be there, in Jamaica, with all our close family and friends, with him beside me.


From this point onward, I will try to live in the moment and enjoy every stage of the planning process because sooner than later, it will all be over, and I will be thinking “was all that worry, planning and stressing all for one day, that has gone and passed?”

Yes, as it comes, it will surely pass by and will become something in our distant memories.

Has anyone ever felt this sigh of relief too? Maybe after an “ah-ha! Moment” like me.

The life of a bride-to-be I tell ya…

Till next time…


It’s all in the DETAILS.. Wedding day!

I happen to have fell upon an Instagram post that lead me to one of the cutest sites for wedding day keepsakes and more.

Her name is Caroline, but her beautiful handcrafts website is called Paloma’s Nest. She and her husband make hand-crafted keepsakes including this one that I just happened to fall in love with!


This is perfect for Destination Wedding ring bears! Instead of the old “pillow”, she has created a new phenomenon, porcelain bowls, that can be used later as home decor in memory of your big day! How cute is that?!?

What do you think of these? Would you rather the regular pillows or do you like this new and reusable way to add DETAIL to your wedding?

I personally love the idea! Cute and something to treasure from years to come!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, but especially to my beautiful mother! She has taught me so much and more on how to be a loving, caring and patient mother! Her smile can lighten up anyones day! Here she is with me yesterday on our way to brunch and mani & pedi’s:


And to my beautiful baby boy, who makes me so proud to be his “mommy”, Romello:


Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies and caregivers!!

We love and appreciate you!

until next time,



Here comes mommy!

What do you guys think of these “here comes mommy” signs?




I absolutely ADORE them! I think they add a warm and cute touch to the usual traditional ceremony routine!

I decided to try out making my own and this is what it came out like:


Not perfect, but i love the glitter i added! I cant wait to see my baby walk down the isle to his daddy with this!

More DIY projects for our wedding to come!

(I used a canvas board from Curry’s art supplies, acrylic paint in yellow, and gold glitter. I got the font cut out from my silhouette)

Let me know what you think!